Randal Doering Writer

You've just found your way to the website of Randal Doering, a writer of speculative fiction and contemporary fiction. I have been writing for a long time and have publications in the token and semi-pro press, and now I'm working on breaking into the pro magazines. Below are some of my works for free, and those that are for sale. Thousands of people have read my freebies, and you can, too! The for-sale works represent my best work, whereas the freebies usually are more like passing fancies and works done on the fly, or are samplers for my commercial works. I hope you find some stories here to your liking!


Following are three free novels, a free short story collection, and two short story samplers taken from my for-sale short story collections.

Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories
The Necromancer of Peach Orchard Valley
Alien Treaties Sampler
Heart of the Leopard Sampler


The following novels, short story collections, memoir and poem are for sale through Amazon.com. Simply click on the hyperlink and go to the appropriate book for sale.

Randal, Randal, Burning Bright
Schizoaffective: Evolution of My Illness

Illustrated Novel
In the Temples of My Fathers

Short Story Collections
Beachcomber and Other Stories
Active Shooter and More Stories
Madness and Other Stories
Plasma Ball and Other Stories
The Suspect and More Stories
Plumed Serpent and Other Stories
Heart of the Leopard and Other Stories
Alien Treaties and Other Stories

Weeping Woman
Political Mommies
Pax Azteca
Indian Spirits
Forward Base Down
Knifing the Heart
Zahid's Tale
A Feast for the Ghouls