Alien Treaties and Other Stories

A mentally ill homeless man living in New York City is approached by a space alien with a breathtaking offer, but should he accept it? A San Francisco psychic hears an angry man muttering outside his window and gets shadowy intimations of an upcoming school shooting... An infertile man who wants children is accosted by an American Indian midget claiming to be a god of fertility, but what is the price he wants for his favors? Three children are granted wishes by a djinni, but will they use them to help others, or kill them?

This collection of short stories contains both science fiction and fantasy tales and presents nineteen marvelous visions of past, present and future. From New York City to the hills of Kentucky to modern-day Cairo, these stories track the human heart through yearning, pleasure and pain to its place of final illumination. Fairy tales, contemporary stories and near-future science fiction are all represented here, giving you the reader a hearty buffet of story options for your reading pleasure.

Alien Treaties Sampler