Indian Spirits

Indian Spirits is about a mentally ill homeless man who is tapped to tackle a baffling series of murders in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Someone is killing children, and Jack Whitstone must find out who it is and take them down. Aided by a voice in his head that is tied to a bison-man hallucination, he gathers clues, chases suspects and struggles to survive the winter weather and the voices in his head as they urge him to do stupid and dangerous things. He knows he is having problems but doesn't consider himself to be mentally ill, so he goes day after day without seeking treatment as the voices become harsher and his hallucinations and delusions grow worse. For a while Jack goes in circles, getting almost nowhere, before he finally gets on the track of the killer and plans a confrontation. But will he survive facing down his enemy? Or is it curtains for Jack Whitstone?