Madness and Other Stories

Here is Madness and Other Stories, sixteen speculative fiction short stories that cover about 98,000 words. There is a story about an American schoolteacher who falls into the clutches of an Egyptian low-life, and a tale about a Siberian snow tiger who dreams of becoming a god, and a piece about a young man who purchases a pair of magic boots that allow him to walk into other dimensions. There is a work about a convict who gets a tattoo that changes his life, and a story about a young woman who is raped by a demon or spirit of some kind. The stories jump from southern Mexico to Egypt to Tibet to Japan and beyond, and they present people from all walks of life whose lives are about to change. Some will change for the better, some for the worse, and none of them will ever be the same again. Stories range from 3,500 words to 12,000 words, so there is a wide variety of stories and story lengths. Read them, and enjoy!