Political Mommies

Political Mommies tells the tale of Isabella Sierra, a young mother of two who joins a group of women bloggers in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their stated mission: to become prominent names in the blogging industry and rise to national prominence. A big order, but the ladies have an attack plan, and they are willing to work their connections and to fight the power in order to get noticed. Unforunately, Isabella makes a powerful man angry, and he turns against her and threatens to kill her and her children. She hands him over to the cops, and he promptly kills a cop and is now on the run. Then she discovers that he is a potent warlock and, just possibly, something much worse. Things go from bad for Isabella to even worse, and she, her husband, her family, and the ladies of the club must pull out all the stops in order to bring this criminal to justice before he can wipe out her and her kids. This book starts out slow but picks up speed the farther along it goes, until by the last three chapters it is roaring along.