The Necromancer of Peach Orchard Valley A SECONDARY WORLD NOVEL

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Ollivar Teedy is a white necromancer in a world where angels, demons and elemental lords fight for the souls of their human worshippers. He performs a service for the lord of the land and is granted the title of baron over a small tract of land called Peach Orchard Valley, where he meets the people of the Valley and sets up house. The novel follows the first year of Ollivar's rule of the Valley, with all the opportunities and troubles that come with it. He will find treasure in the ancient tombs that lie just outside the Valley, will have troubles with the other local barons and their knights, will contrive to bring a healer to the Valley, will fall in love with a woman of the Valley and will discover that he is not the only sorcerer in Peach Orchard Valley. A fun romp through a fully realized secondary world, The Necromancer of Peach Orchard Valley is 105,000 words and about 185 pages long.