Plasma Ball and Other Stories

Plasma Ball and Other Stories tells nineteen tales set in the United States and around the world. There is the tale of a scholar who must use good magic to fight bad magic, and a story about a young girl who sees someone no one else can see who has a mission for her and her alone. There is a story about an angry black man who is itching to fight the cops, but someone outdoes him by far. A murderer has fled justice and hidden himself away in his bolt-hole, but someone knows what he has done and where he is, and a showdown is inevitable. Finally, a young man a thousand years ago bears witness to a plague that is spreading among his people, but do the gods have something in mind to stop it? The collection bounces around from the U.S. to the Greek Isles to Egypt and a shot down to Central America. There are nearly 100,000 words of fiction here, and whatever your taste in speculative fiction, you should find something you like here. Fantasy, science fiction and horror are all represented herein, so grab a bite, turn off the cell phone, and dig in to this collection!