Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories

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Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories is a collection of short speculative fiction stories that run a gamut of contemporary fantasy tales, some sci-fi stories, and a horror story about a terrorist who keeps coming back from the dead to kill again. There is a story about a librarian who finds a crashed alien ship and tries to sell it to NASA and a story about a young woman from a mountain town who goes missing one spring and is the subject of a massive manhunt. There are stories about demon worshippers who come to bad ends and a tale about a very powerful sorcerer who is hunting for a wife. The collection contains twenty stories in all, over a hundred thousand words of fiction, and odds are good you'll find something in here that you like. And did I mention that it's FREE? Just click on the image to be taken to Smashwords, where you can download the collection as an ebook for your reading enjoyment!