Zahid's Tale is set in a fantastical Middle Eastern milieu and follows the adventures of the wizard Zahid Irsinmantal as he leaves his wife behind and travels to the fabled Isle of Dreams, seeking power. Zahid is promised advanced training by a council of master wizards if he and his friends travel to the Isle, map its secrets, and report back.

Travelling with Zahid are two old friends, a healer and another wizard, both of whom are harboring ugly secrets that threaten their journey. Zahid must plumb these secrets and help his friends find resolution for the miseries that afflict them while keeping the expedition to the Isle of Dreams on track. The novel follows the progress of these three as they travel to the Isle, and as they reach the Isle and explore.

The three friends find that the Isle of Dreams is a testing ground, built by unknown makers, where they are attacked again and again. Whether they can survive the Isle's tests and discover who is testing them is the mystery that keeps them moving anxiously forward.