to the web site
of Randal Doering,
front end web developer.

What I Do

I have years of experience in designing and coding the parts of the web site you see; that is, I do the front-end design, I adjust the images you see on the web site, and I put the text in place. I also do minor javascript functions such as drop-down menus and image swapping.

Samples of My Works

The following links go to samples of web sites I built, either on my own or as part of a team. Simply click on the hyperlink and go to the appropriate sample. All of these sites I have stripped down and simplified, contact information has been deleted, etc. I am giving a sample, not whole web sites...

Catapulse, a software developing firm
I coded several pages for this site, and I have posted a few pages here to give you a taste for both design and functionality.

Stamp Out Stigma, a small non-profit
My role here was design and coding, and for six months after I implemented the site, the organization had me do webmaster work for them as well.

Galleria Tempest, an art gallery
For this web site I did the design work and coding as well as implementation.

Sample Templates

The links below take you to several sets of web site templates that I designed and coded.

Blue Template
This is a cool blue look and feel.

Earth Tones
Here is a study in earthy colors.

Four Panels
Here I experiment with layout and navigation.

Sea Green Templates
For this site I added background colors to the pages, but the floating navigation has no background shades of its own.

Contact Me

Send me an email message at randal_doering@hotmail.com and let's talk about what you need from a website, and what that will run you in terms of pricing and time to completion.