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Negative attitudes are evident in the discrimination users of mental health services face. Users can be subjected to physical and verbal abuse, encounter problems in the workplace, and may even have basic human rights denied.

SOS Events

   February 3rd: UCSF School of Nursing (Family Therapists) 1:45- 4 PM
   February 7th: San Mateo County Suicide Prevention @ 7-8:30 PM
   February 9th: Foster City Rotary Club @ Noon
   February 23rd: San Francisco Suicide Prevention Center @ 7:15
   March 1st: Caminar Staff Training @ 1-2:30 PM
   March 8th: SMC Human Services class @ 9:30-11:30 AM
   March 17th: 2nd class SMC Human Services class 2-4 PM
   March 21st: Canada College Human Services Class Time TBD
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